Delta Strategies defies the pandemic and continues great progress in Q3

It’s been a strange few months for all of us! The Covid-19 pandemic has made life challenging for a lot of businesses, and we all face an uncertain future.

That said, Delta Strategies continues to grow impressively this year, and this last quarter was no different.

When the first lockdown happened in March, we moved quickly to advise our clients on how to move their campaigns, outreach and engagement work online, without losing momentum. We’ve helped businesses, political campaigns and charities move rapidly and seamlessly to wholly digital campaigns, without ever looking back.

We used the lessons we learned to bring on a raft of new clients over the Summer period, buying into our multi-faceted, multi-platform approach to campaigning, and the results to date, on election campaigns and the private sector, have been hugely encouraging.

Over the past month, we have successfully onboarded three new clients, one political campaign, one community network and one high-growth businesses, and our insight and analysis workload continues undeterred by the pandemic, with members of our team routinely covering several hours of Parliamentary debate, committees and the passage of legislation, as well as delivering real-time analysis of election results in the USA, and in Jordan, and their impact on local and regional economies, trade and infrastructure deals.

Our Middle East consultancy pipeline has also begun flowing again, with Delta Strategies being seconded to deliver an interesting consultancy project around supporting youth engagement and activism in West Asia.

A lot has changed in-house as well, with a brand new website and a brand new Account Manager, Randa, who joined in November after freelancing for us for some time. Many of our clients will get to meet her over the coming weeks.

As Christmas approaches, we’re looking forward to seeing our clients through the festive season and into the New Year, with major plans under discussion and new projects on the horizon.

We are always looking for new challenges, and to connect with interesting people and innovative organisations, so feel free to get in touch as we shape up for an even busier 2021.

Nabil Najjar

Managing Director

Delta Strategies